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New Contender in the File Compression Arena: AlphaZip

Once upon a time PKWare practically owned the file compression market. After all, PKWare invented the popular ZIP format back in 1986. In the computer world, that's ancient history. When it comes to software, the marketplace can change fast and drastically.

WinZip introduced its new compression tool in 1991, beating PKZip to the Windows marketplace. By seizing the opportunity, WinZip quickly grabbed a chunk of PKWare's marketshare, and established itself as a leader in the field.

History may repeat itself as a new contender enters the file compression arena. AlphaZip by Whirling Dervishes - NeoByte Solutions promises to be quite competitive, as this ZIP utility is proving innovative in many ways that novices and pros alike will find very attractive.

AlphaZip: Keeping Up with the Times

The first thing I noticed when opening AlphaZip was the outstanding list of options for file compression. Not only is the standard PKzip compatible ZIP format supported, but also gzip(.gz), Java Archive (.jar), LHA files (.lha, .lzh), MS Cabinet (.cab), Unix tape archives (.tar), and UUEncoded files (.uue, .xxe).

AlphaZip also supports plugins, so if a new archive type is invented, you just have to install the plug-in for that archive type. For instance, the makers of AlphaZip say they are working on support for 7-ZIP files. When this is available, this format will reduce your archive size by up to 70%.

You Can Make Self-Extracting Program File with Alpha Zip

A major plus for AlphaZip is its ability to create self-extracting files. This means you can turn your archives into program files if you want. Many years ago, as a new shareware author, I paid PKWare $250 for the ability to distribute their self-extractor with my applications.

Alpha ZIP also supports Norton Antivirus and McAffee Antivirus Scan, so you can check your archives before distributing them. You can easily convert archives to different file formats, or add files to them. You can compress and email your files in one simple operation.

Explorer Integration: Another Major Advantage

I was used to the familiar WinZip interface popping up when I clicked on a ZIP file. To be truthful, I figured that WinZip was so dependable and useful, that it would be hard to beat.

When I click on a ZIP file after installing AlphaZip - whoa! It looks just like Windows Explorer. It's so smooth, it does not interrupt your train of thought. And yet all the functions are there. Way to go, AlphaZip.

I found AlphaZip to be quite enjoyable to use. Whether opening archives or creating them, I didn't have a moment's doubt about how to use it at all. Very easy to use as well as beautiful to look at, AlphaZip and has a lot of advantages in a highly competitive arena. AlphaZip gets an A++ in my book.

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