Really Simple Syndication for Business

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that is extremely useful for business. If you dread dealing with the technical jargon and dread learning to format your feeds according to the XML specification then FeedForAll is just the tool for you.

Blogs are essential to online marketing these days. That's obvious -- you see them everywhere, from the NY Times website to the BBC feeds. But RSS is not just for blogging anymore. RSS feeds are a great way to communicate information about your products and services.

Businesses use RSS feeds to:

    1. deliver sales information to their customers.
    2. keep their website information relevant.
    3. receive or deliver audio content, podcasting.
    4. post videos or images from mobile reporters.
    5. deliver whitepapers or informational content, billing information, newsletters or ezines.
    6. keep affiliates informed with up-to-date information, deliver online interviews, deliver press releases, get live news from multiple sources.
    7. promote goods and services.
    8. centralize and collect email from multiple email accounts, schedule autoresponders and automated messages.
    9. publish forum posts or threads.
    10. communicate shipping information.
    11. keep informed of online news, get stock reports, weather reports, cinema schedules.
    12. keep abreast of public relations, do online research, market research.
    13. back up data, get software updates.

There are new tools on the market which make it to easy to create, edit and publish rss feeds and podcasts. Some of these products, for example FeedForAll, require no programming skills. They have built-in spellcheckers and word processors and upload the formatted XML when you are finished, so it's really easy to update your feeds.

Keep your business on track with the latest technology, and save yourself time and money with RSS Feed Software.


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