Jr. Vet (Career Game For Kids) Review

Has Lisa the Panda been eating her vegetables? Can you fix the paw of Johnny the Tiger after his latest scrap? Just what exactly bit Suzie the Cat may never be known, but you'll learn how to treat her in Jr. Vet!

Yes, it might be a little strange to find grapes or bamboo shoots just lying around the veterinarian's office, but that's what it takes to fix up an ailing panda with a tummy ache!

I thought Jr. Vet was a really great game for kids (you can choose ages 3-4, 5-7 or 8 and up). I have to admit, I enjoyed playing the game, even though I am considerably over the age of 8.

The dialog in Jr. Vet was really engaging, and the bright colors and graphics made me feel good. There's plenty of action to keep a kid interested too, since every once in a while you have to blast the bad bacteria or the bad cells. I got a kick from blowing the little devils out of the water myself!

Being an animal-lover myself (especially of cats) I felt particularly anxious to rescue the poor frothy-mouthed Suzie. I was relieved to finally get the cast on Johnny too, though I must admit I blew it the first couple of times, and had to start the treatment completely over. It's not easy being a vet sometimes.

Okay, this is one of my own personal crusades... but I believe that learning to treat animals humanely is something that builds character and empathy. I think it should be high on our list of priorities when we are bringing up our children.

All in all, Jr. Vet would be a very positive learning experience for the small child, and provide them with a great deal of encouragement to think about future career choices at an early age. What a great gift for a child, in more ways than one!

Kathy Salisbury
The Great Mind Review Team
Great Mind Software

Jr. Vet
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