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Warning: If you like wimpy, easy, crossword puzzles, then Crossdown Game Edition is not for you.

If, on the other hand, you love challenging, intelligent puzzles that make you think then you'll love this great collection by crossword puzzle expert Sam Bellotto Jr.

These crosswords provided me with lots of, "Ah-ha" moments. As a veteran crossword puzzle solver, I live for those - maybe you do too. But these are not the kind of crosswords that leave you scratching your head and saying, "Huh??" You know what I mean - some other crosswords I've encountered elsewhere don't even make sense after they are solved. Although some of the clues might be a little difficult, they are all logical. These puzzles are beautifully written.

Sam Bellotto is highly skilled in the art of crossword design. In my book it's OK to use the dictionary; you should not know all the answers without looking them up. Part of the fun is learning new and interesting things. Crossword puzzles should stretch your mental abilities - requiring good reasoning ability, as well as a good mental database of stored knowledge in literature, arts, music, and science.

Solving crossword puzzles is an excellent way to keep your mind sharp and increase your mental resources too. How often have you looked at crossword puzzle books in the drugstore or grocery store that are so easy they would bore you to tears? For me the fun is in the challenge, and Crossdown provides just the right amount of challenge without crossing the line into frustration.

It's very easy to use this program. You can play anytime you want right on your computer without the need for a pencil. You can score and time your puzzles if you want to, but it's not necessary. Just do them at your leisure! You can print the puzzles for offline solving while you are commuting or have some free time to fill. You can save the puzzles and finish them later.

Bottom line: you won't find this much puzzle fun packed into such a great program anywhere else at such a bargain price.

Kathy Salisbury
The Great Mind Review Team
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Crossdown Game Edition
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