Aquabble Avalanche Bubble Shooting Game Review

Aquabble Avalanche is a really fun game, and it's simply beautiful to see. There's something so mesmerizing about water flowing over colorful pebbles in a beautiful blue pond. I was fascinated, watching the rippling water. The leaves and plants move realistically around the edge of the pond, and colorful fish swim by from time to time... ahhhh!!!

What are aquabbles, you might ask? The aquabbles are brightly colored balls, produced by the magic spring under the water lilies on the pond. More aquabbles pop up after you shoot bubbles at them and burst them. You must shoot the same color bubble at a group of aquabbles, or your bubble will just stick to the others. The aquabbles advance, and you must shoot them back, or else the game will be over!

As you shoot the aquabbles, the water ripples around them with breathtaking realism. There are more obstacles as you progress through the levels, so the challenge grows as you learn to play the game.

What kind of challenges do you face? There are time bombs, submarines, dynamite, superstars, grainers (which repaint the bubbles), black bubbles which never die, and superbubbles. The "bob" obstacle can be tricky, since it will bounce your bubble around in strange ways if you hit it!

I believe even small children could play this game without becoming frustrated, but it's relaxing, but fun and challenging enough for adults as well. For breathtaking beauty, fun, and enjoyment, I recommend Aquabble Avalanche by Absolutist Games.

Kathy Salisbury
The Great Mind Review Team
Great Mind Software

Aquabble Avalanche Bubble Shooting Game
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