Breaking Through the Roadblocks Between You and Your Goals (audio CD)

Martial arts instructor Robert LaPointe explains the basic principles behind goal-setting and why we aren't always successful in achieving our goals in this personal development audio CD.

I judge the effectiveness of motivational material by its immediate effect, and I found that Breaking Through the Roadblocks had a positive effect on me right away. After I listened to the CD, I wrote down my goals for the day, the week, and the future -- and prioritized them!

The material in the audio CD Breaking Through the Roadblocks is presented from the viewpoint of a Martial Arts expert who has coached many students throughout his career. LaPointe has been witness to the major stumbling blocks which can greatly impede personal progress.

The Martial Arts philosophy is one of a holistic nature; it is believed that physical strength and endurance will only come with the proper mental attitude. LaPointe explains how to set important personal boundaries, gain the respect of others, and maintain your focus.

LaPointe's speaking voice is pleasant and varied enough to keep you interested. I found myself taking notes, and jotting down these ideas which pertained to some of my personal stumbling blocks. His solutions seemed to make a lot of sense, so I was eager to try them.

Also of benefit to anyone considering enrolling in a Martial Arts or fitness class: LaPointe explained what you should look for in a class and Martial Arts instructor. As a businessman, LaPointe also explained that you will encounter both competitors and fellow travelers in life and how you can tell them apart. This isn't always easy!

I really enjoyed and benefited from the audio tape Breaking Through the Roadblocks Between You and Your Goals. I look forward to future motivational material from Robert LaPointe, especially as it relates to the principles of Martial Arts and mind/body development.

Kathy Salisbury
The Great Mind Review Team
Great Mind Media


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